Client Feedback

Feedback and Facilitation

Thank you for facilitating this year’s strategic off-site meeting. It was eye-opening for me and I truly, truly appreciate your ability to handle the group, to respond appropriately, to remain professional and above all, be supportive of everyone We’ve come a long way forward. Thank you.

Nan Gray, Director of Resources
Frank Bette Center for the Arts

On behalf of the entire Board, and especially myself, thank you so much for facilitating our retreat. We accomplished a great deal –recognizing our 2013 accomplishments, setting our 2014 goals, and learning how to better communicate. Following the retreat, we will move forward better prepared for the opportunities and the challenges of 2014. Your skills, expertise and experience have been such a great resource to us.

Faye Wilson, Executive Director and Board President
Frank Bette Center for the Arts

Some feedback regarding the recent facilitation work that Kathy Hart did for us . . . at the San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory. Kathy did a fabulous job. In addition to the actual meeting facilitation, she provided hours of preparation and coaching for me as the meeting leader. [S]he did a couple of post-mortem discussions with me, providing much thoughtful feedback and some good suggestions. All of this was done in a delightfully supportive and encouraging tone. I felt that I was able to establish a genuine connection with Kathy, of mutual respect and support.

The effect of her work on the SFBBO Board performance has been profound. I was not by any means the only one satisfied. Several board members expressed to me their pride and amazement at all we accomplished. I consider this work to have been a turning point for the SFBBO Board. Going forward we will all set our sights a bit higher, be more fully present, and get more satisfaction out of our board service. I cannot recommend Kathy’s services highly enough.

Jennifer Krauel, Past President
Board of Directors San Francisco Bay/Bird Observatory (SFBBO)

I am glad that you were the one facilitating our meeting. It was eye-opening for me and I truly, truly appreciate your ability to handle the group, to respond appropriately, to remain professional and above all, be supportive of everyone.

Dara Tom, Alameda Co. Office of Education

Organizational Improvement

Our team was tasked with defining what collective and individual actions should be targeted to raise the effectiveness of talent development within our franchise. We knew there were many avenues to the goal, but wanted to be as deliberate, efficient and effective as possible. For this reason we brought in Kathy Hart to guide our efforts. She partnered with us to define common language and developed a visual so everyone was clear about the message. She then held 1:1 conversations with managers to identify what behaviors were working well and where there were improvement opportunities. The results of her work pinpointed what was needed to effectively improve our talent development efforts. Kathy took the guesswork out of the equation, and propelled us significantly forward to achieve our mission. Besides bringing her amazingly clear and focused insights on how to tackle the problem, Kathy is such a delight to work with. She challenged our thinking, celebrated our successes, and deeply cared about how to inspire and engage our managers. I would strongly recommend her services to support your organizational effectiveness efforts.

Jennifer Foley-Clack, Director, Genetech

I had the opportunity to work with Kathy Hart when we selected her company to lead the Alameda Chamber of Commerce strategic retreat. She is an amazing lady to work with, and I would heartily recommend her services to any executive, business owner, or leader. When you bring Kathy in, you not only discover a trusted confidante and partner, but someone who will challenge and push you to be your best as a leader. She has very high standards of excellence for the work she does, which just exudes in all her interactions. Her ability to listen, distill the swirl of ideas, engage and involve others, and maintain a results-oriented focus are just a few of her exceptional qualities.

The time she spent in getting to know our Board, meeting one-on-one with them, and really understanding our needs as an organization was inspiring. The day of the retreat started rather dubious, with our meeting location having to be moved. Kathy and her team took it in stride, adapted and created a safe and welcoming space. Not only did we accomplish our goals, but her facilitation style enabled us to really engage with each other, surface some challenging issues, determine how to tackle long-needed changes for the Chamber’s success, and identify specific initiatives to focus on for the current year.

Michael McDonough, President
Alameda Chamber of Commerce

We have been working with ClearVision as part of our “Great Manager’s Initiative” over the past couple of years. ClearVision has played a key role in helping us collect and provide meaningful feedback to our managers. Their partnership in administering the “Management Effectiveness Index (MEI)” has been a powerful and effective vehicle in doing this. The survey allowed us to measure the capabilities of our managers based on clear, concise criteria, and included valuable, individualized insights for all managers to aid in their development as people managers. The result has been greater self-reflection, engagement and candid dialogue between our managers and their employees.

Marc Watrous, Vice President of Access Solutions and Managed Care Marketing

What happens to a non-profit group that is well intentioned, community significant, and for much of its existence has been greatly influenced by the presence of one very strong executive director, when suddenly it finds itself without it’s E.D. and no substitute structure to fill the vacuum? This is what happened to the Frank Bette Center for the Arts (FBCA) in late summer 2011. With the primary decision maker gone and a Board that wasn’t structured or prepared to assume these responsibilities, the volunteers attempted to self manage as much as possible, leading to a mix of growing frustration and a Center that was on a course toward a breaking point. This is when Kathy Hart entered the picture. Kathy provided the guidance and leadership to help build the bridges between individuals with divergent views and facilitate the communication required to form a new foundation necessitated by having an All Volunteer Organization (AVO). It’s a work in progress, but Frank Bette Center for the Arts now has a structure in place that allows volunteers to enjoy being effective with their time rather than having to face a continual set of roadblocks. What a difference a year makes! Thanks Kathy for all of your help!

Mark Neiman, Interim Finance Director
Frank Bette Center for the Arts

I cannot say enough good things about Kathy Hart, owner, founder and principal of her oh-so-aptly named company, Clear Vision Consulting. The Frank Bette Center for the Arts, a not for profit 501(c)(3) organization was in deep trouble when she came to our rescue. We were incredibly lucky to be the beneficiary of her services for the entire year of 2012. Thank you so much, Kathy, for your brilliant insight, patient guidance and incredibly time-consuming hard work which has gotten us through these very tough times. Your wisdom and encouragement have enabled us not only to survive, but to look forward to a bright and successful future.

Ginnie Chabre, Interim Director of Development
Frank Bette Center for the Arts

For the past year it has been my pleasure to work with Kathy Hart and Clear Vision Consulting. Our non-profit community art center was going through a trying time with the departure of our long time Executive Director. Kathy led us through the process of refocusing ourselves, both collectively and individually, to create an All-Volunteer Organization. Her guidance helped us develop as leaders, use our volunteers more effectively and turn around the fortunes of the Center so that we have a positive cash flow and bright prospects for the future.

Doug Perry, Communications Director
Frank Bette Center for the Arts

I engaged Kathy and her ClearVision team to help me evaluate the effectiveness of my people managers in our organization. Together we constructed a series of surveys and coaching sessions between employees and their respective managers to provide the management staff with direct feedback on their leadership skills and areas of development that ultimately would lead to a more engaged workforce. Kathy was instrumental in providing a safe environment for our employees to be as candid as possible to make this initiative most productive and useful. I am very grateful to Kathy and all of her staff for their professionalism, mentorship and coaching. Our organization has benefited greatly by this experience and I highly recommend ClearVision

Jon Reed, Vice President, Global Engineering

Kathy Hart’s company designed and administered a leadership effectiveness survey, delivered results and provided coaching for my organization. Kathy ensured all aspects of the work met the needs of a global workforce. Because of her efforts we achieved an unheard of 91% response rate. Her coaching style was direct, to the point and challenged some long held patterns of behavior. The results helped us to accelerate our leaders ability to grow and develop, and significantly increased the two-way dialogue and feedback between leaders and their direct reports. I highly commend Kathy’s customer service and willingness to support our leadership needs.

Horst Hohler, Head of Global Engineering

I’ve worked with her on several client projects. She’s high energy and asks good questions. Kathy is always very client focused and takes time to understand a client’s specific issues and organizational challenges. As a result, she delivers quality consulting services, provides great insights, and recommends targeted follow-up actions that improve results.

PiWen Looi, Principal
Novacrea Research Consulting

Kathy Hart is a professional colleague of mine that I have known for over 5 years and have worked with collaboratively on several projects. Having seen Kathy “in action”, I can absolutely attest to her skills and professionalism in the change management and organization development consulting work she does. Kathy understands the value in relationship-building and developing a true partnership with her clients as she assists with organizational performance and process improvement. Kathy is always striving for, developing and supporting effective, real solutions that companies can implement. She is also a highly skilled facilitator and helps groups make the most of their time. And not surprisingly at all, Kathy is well-liked by her clients, and she is an energetic professional who I am happy to have the opportunity to work with.

Roberta Etcheverry, President
Diversified Management Group

Leadership and Team Development

I was down to the wire on preparing for my opening keynote at a statewide conference and Kathy did an amazing job of helping me create a GREAT intro, edit my existing material so it would be impactful and effective, and coaching me on delivery (change voice here…). My speech was a success and I am forever indebted! Kathy is a great coach, she asks the right questions and knows when to push or not. I’m one of the leading content experts in my field and Kathy’s input will help others better understand the concepts I am putting forward. I had such a great experience working with Kathy as my coach, I plan to bring her in to improve our already highly rated training and follow up support. With Kathy’s help I’m confident we can go from “very good and excellent” to “Fantastic.”

Donna Milgram, Executive Director
Institute for Women in Trades, Technology & Science

As a self-employed Consulting Safety Engineer, and later a Manager of Safety for a large research institution, I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Kathy Hart, Ed.D. for nearly 20 years. She has clarity of vision and strategic understanding of business, and the often competing resources, people and structures that can impede progress toward excellence. She’s also very much a “people person” and has a unique ability to communicate with many different kinds of people, to walk in another’s shoes and understand their motivations, needs, desires and instincts. This allows her to have a unique capacity to coach managers, teams and individuals to achieve excellence beyond which they’ve ever dreamed possible. I experienced this first hand when she supported me to up my game as a leader. Whether you want a valued partner, coach, mentor or just a sounding board, working with her will accelerate your ability to achieve goals you never thought possible.

Jim Gilson, P.E., Senior Safety Engineer

Her diplomacy is an inspiration to me. Thanks to Kathy Hart, each meeting that she chaired, whether telephonic or in person, enhanced skills in interdependent relationships and effectiveness above and beyond our service in the ASSE Admissions Committee. Kathy introduced me to books and management styles ranging from Squirrel, Inc., to storyboarding and collaborative group thinking. It is an honor to recommend and endorse Kathy Hart, Ed.D.

Amy Stewart, Project Director
Safe Schools/Healthy Students

Kathy Hart is very generous and capable. She is very patient and persistent. She was key to the retreat’s success by providing experiential games and team building exercises that address personal bickering and helped to resolve conflict and reduce tensions. Kathy offered guidance to everyone to help us become a professional organization. She is professional, friendly and helpful. Sometimes you may find a friendly but not a competent consultant. Kathy is a dynamite lady who made a significant contribution to our organization.

Nuri Ronaghy, former Executive Director of Education
Education Not Incarceration

Katherine Hart is a dynamo! She is detail oriented, reliable, creative, responsive and highly professional. We have collaborated on a number of projects and I can always expect honest and open feedback in our working relationship. I can always count on Kathy for delivering high quality results.

Nettie Pardue, Facilitation and Training/Program Manager
SEEDS Community Resolution Center

It has been my pleasure to co-collaborate with Kathy. She is the consummate professional to work with. Her strengths in communication (both verbal and written), logical and critical thinking, and the ability to remain calm under pressure add value to any group she supports.

Pat Taviss, Chief Change Catalyst
Pat Taviss Consulting