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Finding Your Voice – If Not Now, When?

We had stopped at a local petrol station to fill the car up with gas. Little did we know that there was a festival going on, and an Irish singer onstage, in the local market right next door. As we entered she was  performing a lovely Irish ballad. I noticed behind her the lettering on …

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Are You Staying Relevant? Changing and Adapting to the World Around You

One of the most prominent features of Enniskillen, an island city in County Fermanagh, Ireland, is its towering castle. Built in the mid-13th century (exact date unknown) by the Maguire Chieftains, by the early 1600’s the castle had been taken over by the English, when the clans were dispersed. It was subsequently occupied by a …

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Excavating Your Dreams and Talents

Discovering the True You in Midlife Appearing first in 700 AD and found exclusively in Gaelic areas (i.e., Ireland and Scotland), a crannog is an artificial island built on a lake, mudbank or islet. Research indicates that, while some were permanently inhabited with people living in wooden huts, others were only used occasionally. One of …

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The Choice Gauge

Kayaking is one of those sports where you can be one with the water, without actually being in it. It enables you the chance to observe what is happening around you, such as watching sea lions at play or tracing the intricate pattern of kelp as it trails into the nether regions of the depths. …

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