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Take Shelter during Life’s Downpours

Over here in Ireland it rains just about every single day. My niece, who lived here several years while studying, recently shared with me that there are hundreds of words to describe the rain. She recommended listening to the weather channel to get some ideas. Another person shared, “In Ireland we have showers in between …

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Gap Years are for the Young at Heart

What a fun and delightful opportunity; I was able to present to the Walnut Creek Rotary Club this past Wednesday some highlights on taking a gap year. This is the kind of speech, as a professional speaker, you do because a friend is in need (the President of the Chapter had just learned their weekly …

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A Gap Year Spent Traveling Abroad

As a child growing up on a sailing boat, I learned to love the adventure of travel and exploration. As an adult, I fostered my love of travel by taking international trips, sandwiched between the typical two to three week vacation times. (Oh the advantages of longer holiday times in other countries, as opposed to …

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What is a Cl.E.A.R. Path Forward™?

Regardless of who you are, how smart, organized or whatever special traits you may possess, the act of navigating a significant life event is messy, scary, chaotic and fraught with uncertainty. It can also be exciting, enlightening, energizing and rejuvenating. Two diametrically opposed perspectives that coexist when you traverse from the known to unknown. The …

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