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Slow Down and Enjoy the Journey

Writing to you from Belturbet, Ireland. As many of you know, my husband Paul and I decided to take a global gap year, spending longer periods of time traveling abroad in several countries. We rented out our house for a year and arrived here in Ireland about a week ago. What an experience getting here, …

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A Trek to Paradise Meadows Reveals Change Truisms

I recently returned from a weekend getaway with one of the excursions being a 2.5 mile roundtrip hike to an area called Paradise Meadows, within the Mt. Lassen Volcanic National Park. During the trip several truisms regarding organizational and people change became readily apparent. Have a compelling vision in mind, and make it as clear …

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Stating the Obvious – Flip Flops Over Rocks

The sight of cool, cascading water dropping over a 129 foot cliff to a whirling riverbed below just takes your breath away. The enormity, power and majesty that nature brings to one’s senses cuts across the cultural divide. There we stood, Anglo, Armenian, and East Indian – united at the awe-inspiring view before us. We …

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