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Look up — See What’s Right In Front of You

How often are you so focused on something at eye-level, that you forget to look up and see what’s right in front you? It happened to me just  this past weekend. We were enjoying a long afternoon walk to Castle Saunderson, a historic site here in Cavan County, Ireland. It’s a derelict castle that now …

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Is There a Switch for Your Brain, Like the Outlet Switches in Ireland?

When I first arrived in Ireland a few weeks ago our landlord was showing us around our new place. There were so many unique features we had to learn, and it seemed there was a switch for everything. Many of the appliances, such as the stove or shower, have a separate on/off switch so, even …

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It’s All in the Implementation

I recently presented a jointly sponsored breakfast seminar for my clients and those of Stark Miller Benefits. The topic title was “Engaging Your Diverse Workforce” and how to tap into multi-generations to improve workplace effectiveness. After discussing business successes and challenges related to multi-generations in the workplace, along with why their presence is necessary for good …

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Clarify Your Musts and Wants – Whether in World Politics, Business or Personal

With the news filled with the Iran nuclear deal, Greek debt crisis, and Donald Trump’s bid for the GOP nomination, I thought it was about time to add my two cents. Not from a political perspective, but rather from the position of “What do these three activities have in common?” From my perspective, the common …

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