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Look up — See What’s Right In Front of You

How often are you so focused on something at eye-level, that you forget to look up and see what’s right in front you? It happened to me just  this past weekend. We were enjoying a long afternoon walk to Castle Saunderson, a historic site here in Cavan County, Ireland. It’s a derelict castle that now …

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Is There a Switch for Your Brain, Like the Outlet Switches in Ireland?

When I first arrived in Ireland a few weeks ago our landlord was showing us around our new place. There were so many unique features we had to learn, and it seemed there was a switch for everything. Many of the appliances, such as the stove or shower, have a separate on/off switch so, even …

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It’s All in the Implementation

I recently presented a jointly sponsored breakfast seminar for my clients and those of Stark Miller Benefits. The topic title was “Engaging Your Diverse Workforce” and how to tap into multi-generations to improve workplace effectiveness. After discussing business successes and challenges related to multi-generations in the workplace, along with why their presence is necessary for good …

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Could Meaning at Work Translate to a Healthier Brain?

A recent article by the American Heart Association suggests there may be a corollary between a life that has purpose with a decrease in developing brain damage caused by blockages in blood flow as you age. The article defines purpose in life as having meaning and direction. It goes on to say that purpose in …

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Just Say What You Mean

I recently finished teaching a course on facilitating decision making. The decision making process itself is based on a model developed by Charles Kepner and Ben Tregoe that enables people (whether in large or small groups) to select an option, based on multiple choices, which will: achieve their MUSTS, satisfy their wants, and mitigate associated …

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Pay for Performance Invading the University System – Here’s Hoping It Trickles Down and Out

Last week I attended the San Francisco Business Times event, “Bay Area Biotech Forum.” What a fascinating opportunity to hear about some of the newly emerging biotech and life science research trends, and how incubators and startups are taking advantage to push the envelope on what it means to have a healthy and highly productive …

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Leaders Need Generalist Consultants Similar to a General Physician

While recently swapping elderly parent health issues with a colleague, also a caregiver for her mom, we aired our frustrations with the medical system in general and the specialization of doctors specifically. Medicine, like many areas of life, has become uniquely specialized. If you break your arm, you see an orthopedist. If you have breathing …

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Beware the Shiny Object Syndrome in Team Development

As a little girl I remember picking up discarded shells, shiny rocks, lumps of seaweed, anything that I could fit into my pocket while beachcombing. My mother, one of the original environmentalists, shared with me that nature was this wonderful ecosystem where each object was needed to continue the never-ending life cycle. Empty shells were …

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