Organizational Improvement

define, measure, analyze, improve, controlInvigorate Change and Improvement

High performance organizations take a positive system-wide approach and continuously look for ways to enhance stakeholder value while embracing change. If you are a manager who believes you can continually increase the bottom line and achieve your organization’s objectives through better knowledge of continuous improvement and improved employee engagement, ClearVision Consulting can assist you in reaching your goals.

Clients seeking dramatic execution and organizational improvement select ClearVision because we:

  • Accelerate your strategy execution and improvement efforts to achieve the highest rate of return
  • Engage with stakeholders and employees to collaborate and resolve intractable positions and navigate inevitable transitions and adjustments.
  • Use or supplement your already existing tools, systems and resources to build capability and capacity for sustainable improvements

Key services to invigorate change and organizational improvement:

Organizational Redesign

The structure of an organization is the foundation upon which your business is built. When the structure does not align with the changing nature of the business, people become frustrated, motivation decreases, and profit and productivity decrease. ClearVision provides a fresh outlook to help you meet current business needs, as well as the organizational flexibility to adapt to constantly changing external and internal factors.

Change Management

Whether implementing new business processes, technologies or a new vision for managing your business, adjusting to change can easily spiral out of control. ClearVision provides a macro view of your organization to help you set up systems and tools to evaluate and prioritize your workload, ensuring it remains manageable and continues to support your business.

We also support and guide your business units through their individual change initiatives. Whether your needs are enterprise-wide or department specific, we have proven techniques to leverage employee resistance and accelerate the speed of change in your company.

Process Improvement

Tight budgets and uncertain future revenues are affecting companies of all sizes. ClearVision integrates mission critical elements to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of process components and decreases confusion about process interfaces so your company realizes immediate cost savings and improves profit margins.

Successful Business Partnering

If you lead HR, IT, procurement, EHS, engineering, or a similar support service within the business, then you’re seeing a shift in how internal clients perceive your employees. Clients are no longer content to see them as just subject matter experts (SME), they also want collaborative, value-added partners. ClearVision offers clarity for how your organization can make this shift with minimal business disruption, all the while increasing employee capabilities and future capacity. Our efforts can boost your brand and name recognition within the company.

EHS Transformation

The rewards for taking your company to the next level of safety excellence are tremendous – increased efficiencies, decreased costs and significant reduction of employee injuries. Transformation identifies opportunities to enhance existing business processes by identifying where EHS can be embedded, creating opportunities to streamline and increase the efficiencies of those processes.

We support you to shift the focus of EHS from a compliance-oriented discipline to one that values and cares for employees, contractors, supply chain hosts, and the overarching community. The results further enhance employee retention and hiring, business relationships and corporate social responsibility. Your business will be able to withstand the inevitable cyclical change in formal leadership and promote sustainable EHS over the life of the business.