Accelerate Leader and Team Development

ClearVision excels in providing direction, tools and guidance to promote leadership development and team effectiveness. Our proven strengths enable individual leaders or groups of people to get clear on what they need to improve upon and provide guidance to navigate break-through impasses and sustain long lasting improvements.

Clients who seek to accelerate leader and team development select ClearVision because we:

  • Challenge both leaders and groups of people to get crystal clear on what immediate barriers or challenges are preventing excellence
  • Offer support and guidance that enables leaders or groups to focus on their strengths and navigate their improvements
  • Use or supplement already existing tools, systems and resources to build capability, capacity and ensure sustainable improvement

Key services to accelerate leader and team development:

Upward InsightsTM for Leaders

Stop the exodus of your employees due to poor employee-manager relationships. Leaders don’t have time for trial and error. They need direct feedback from employees to determine how to up their game and clear the barriers or challenges that impact employees’ ability to engage and be productive. ClearVision takes the guesswork out of how to improve leadership skills. The results enable your company leaders can focus on what really matters – effectively engaging with their employee to achieve critical business results.

Leadership Coaching

Employee retention and engagement are not simply buzz words, they are the responsibility of leaders. Leaders are required to perform at their peak in changing work environments with shifting employee demographics and needs. Learned skills and behaviors of how to support and galvanize employee action must be continually honed and developed. All leaders at key points in their career require the support of coaches to break through behaviors that are holding them back and costing the company time and resources. ClearVision works 1:1 and in-groups with leaders to further develop their skills and capabilities. Unlike other coaching firms we do not bring a “one size fits all”. We work only with leaders who want to increase their inter-personal skills and improve their ability to engage and involve their employees.

Team Development

The word “team” encompasses a variety of group activities from individuals working together to complete a specific initiative, governance boards directing the activities of an organization or functional leaders collaborating together. What they have in common are the inevitable group dynamics and interplay of drama that arises when humans collectively work together. Bringing a clear vision for how to work effectively together and a framework for how to accomplish the work ensures groups coalesce much quicker. The results yield highly successful group interplay and goal attainment.