ClearVision Consulting

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ClearVision Consulting is a global management consulting company that specializes in dramatically accelerating organizational excellence and improving human performance to achieve unprecedented innovation and sustainable change. We partner with company leaders, organization and learning development professionals, human resources, and other stakeholders to co-create strategies and execute on tactics that aligns people with purpose, structure, processes, and systems.

With an understanding of your business needs, we customize tools and resources that supplement your existing systems and processes to deliver impactful results and increase your company’s ability to be effective and thrive. Our mission is to bring the right resources, support, and knowledge to your leaders, employees, and business. ClearVision engagements are typically one to six months, with clearly defined objectives, step-by-step action plans, and measurable results that link directly to your business goals. Our philosophy is straight forward: working together we accelerate results and improve your organization’s ability to remain agile and competitive in today’s dynamic marketplace.

Our Clients

ClearVision Consulting works with clients across a range of industries, focusing on executives and leaders in medium-sized to Fortune 1000 corporate environments.

Biotechnology/Pharmaceuticals:                              Insurance:
Genentech                                                                    Bickmore Risk Services
Roche                                                                            ALPHA Fund
Novartis                                                                        AIG Insurance                                                                                                                                                                     Innovative Risk Management

Professional/Business Associations:                        Energy/Utilities:
American Society of Safety Engineers                       GWF Power
Society of Toxicology                                                   PG&E Company
Alameda Chamber of Commerce

Manufacturing/Technology:                                       Education:
Armstrong World Industries                                      National Hispanic University
ARINC                                                                           Oakland Unified School District
nVidia                                                                           True-West

Government Agencies:                                                     Durable Medical Equipment:
Contra Costa County                                                   Pacific Pulmonary Services

We give back to the community by working pro bono with a select group of community-based non-profit organizations, helping them to accelerate their organizational effectiveness and elevate their ability to affect change.

Not-For Profit:
Bay Area Community Services                        Bike Walk Alameda
San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory              Education Not Incarceration
Frank Bette Center for the Arts                       Oakland Symphony