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Using a Consultative Approach to Gather Relevant Data

Attended a user conference this week sponsored by Qualtrics. They are my go-to choice for survey administration, providing exemplary back-end user support and technical guidance for survey design and layout. Their first-time user conference in the Bay Area was well-organized and provided a tremendous networking opportunity to connect with other users of the system. In … Read more

Language and Structure Unleash the Ability to Be Innovative and Creative

I recently attended a panel of leaders from Chevron and Genentech talking about “Developing Leaders of the Future in Times of Change.” Jointly sponsored by the HR Forum and BOLD, the event drew over a hundred people together to explore the topic. At the end of the panel discussion small groups self-selected to discuss key … Read more

Seeing Beyond the Cliff’s Edge

This past Mother’s Day weekend offered a new understanding of what it means to navigate the unknown of change and see beyond the cliff’s edge. It came, not unsurprisingly, from my mother. Our conversation, which anyone who has an aging parent may experience, centered on the next steps involved with transitioning from independent to assisted … Read more

The Sign of a True Leader – Taking a Stand for What You Believe In

Just learned today of the passing of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. What a sad day for Britain and the rest of the world. She was a galvanizing personality who took a stand for what she believed was right in leading her country. And while there will be many who will mourn her passing, … Read more

Cultivate Relationships that Complement Your Strengths

This is my first blog post and still unsure about its relevance. It’s not that my ideas and experiences aren’t relevant to leaders and companies. They most certainly are! It’s just being of the generation that used a typewriter to compose my term papers for undergraduate and called on more than one occasion a “digital … Read more