Are you in the midst of a significant life or work change?
Do you want to reach your personal, professional or team goals with increased alacrity?
Are you plodding along when you (or your team) need to be speeding along?

Working with Kathy Hart to navigate the significant changes in your personal or work life enables you or your team to:
  • Move off the fence of indecision and fear
  • Embrace a joy-filled and abundant life
  • Bring closure on outdated identities
  • Identify pivot points to leverage forward momentum
  • Explode embedded self-limiting beliefs
  • Amplify your voice to affect change for yourself and others
  • Translate confidence into measurable outcomes
The results of her work pinpointed what was needed to effectively improve our talent development efforts. Kathy took the guesswork out of the equation, and propelled us significantly forward to achieve our mission. Besides bringing her amazingly clear and focused insights on how to tackle the problem, Kathy is such a delight to work with. She challenged our thinking, celebrated our successes, and deeply cared about how to inspire and engage our managers. I would strongly recommend her services to support your organizational effectiveness efforts.

Jennifer Foley-Clack, Director, Genentech

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